Scottsdale Patio Furniture – All About New Colors & Patterns this Summer

The outdoor spaces of today have begun to mirror our interior environments, which is being seen even more this year, and in future also, you will keep hearing many of the homeowners referring to their deck or patio as their second living setting. Comfort takes superiority and is one of the most prevalent trends seen in Scottsdale patio furniture this season. From oversized pillows and large cushions to completely upholstered pieces made in soft, tough outdoor fabrics made to endure the harshest of outdoor elements, are the part of the latest Scottsdale patio furniture collections and signify that people want to feel comfortable and relax while enjoying the outdoors.

Although bright and bold colors as well as fun patterns will remain a favorite choice, the darker hues have also started to make a way outdoors. Deep violets and purples add a touch of elegance while the soothing shades of coastal and ocean blues reflect your last trip to the beach. Charcoal blacks and greys are also very popular this year. If you select these bolder colors for the main pieces, ensure to lighten things little bit by contrasting them with some lighter colored pillows and accessories.

Fire options are also popular year. You will notice more varied outdoor fire pit and unique fireplace designs in Scottsdale patio furniture. Custom-built fireplaces are always stunning, but also enduring and several homeowners are opting for multipurpose, mobile fire pits. In addition to the definitive round fire pits, you will see more angular and square options this year. And if you want to make your fire pit mobile, you have the option to move it from one location to another with immense ease, simply add casters underneath it.

Patio areas are usually shoe-free zones, so you should give your patio flooring the attention you give to your feet. Options range from highly fashionable patio floor tiles to patio area rugs or even a coat of paint.

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