Commercial Bike Racks – How to Buy the Best One

Having commercial bike racks parking to make your site accessible and safe, is critically important nowadays. It is always important to add an enough bike parking to your site, ensuring to accommodate the visitors on bike. The significance of commercial bike racks has grown with an increasing percentage of population preferring a bike over car. Is your building or site accessible to the bikers? Do you have adequate bike parking space? And if you have the commercial bike racks, are they suitable enough? This article presents some tips for choosing the best commercial bike racks for your site.

The Price Consideration

Deciding what you or your company is ready to spend on the commercial bike rack is a good starting point, as your budget may impact your choice. Normally, the commercial bike racks range from $100 to $1,300 based on their material, capacity, size, and style. Choose the price range that lies within your budget and then go ahead from there. No matter what your range is, a wide assortment of commercially bike racks are available to choose from, for any range.

Material & Styles

There are a lot of styles of commercial bike racks to choose from; however, it is important to choose the one that best fits your site. First, think of material, recycled plastic, stone and steel, are few most popular options. The material not just influence your commercial bike rack style, but also the longevity and durability. Coated steel is usually more suitable for the outdoor locations, since it is weather resistant. Stone and concrete are not just durable but their more weight also acts as an inherent theft deterrent. Recycled plastic also possesses a unique sustainability and style.

Mounting Type

Mounting type is one of the key features while choosing the placement of your commercial bike racks. The options include Surface mounting, In-ground mounting, Vertical Wall Mounting and Portable commercial bike racks.

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