The Installation Options for Commercial Outdoor Picnic Tables

The commercial outdoor picnic tables are mandatory outdoor furniture accessories on the picnic spots. Apart from providing a comfortable seating to the visitors including kids and elderly, these also add much charm to the picnic spot’s outdoors through their modern look, sleek design and eye-catching color combinations. To keep the commercial outdoor picnic tables in a good condition for a longer period of time, it is important to take care of them. The way these commercial outdoor picnic tables are installed and mounted greatly contributes to achieve this purpose. This article highlights some options for mounting these tables.

In-ground Mount

If you want to keep the tables in a single location for a long time, you should go for in-ground mount option. The steel tubing of the table is planted quite deep into the ground and fixed by a perpendicular pin. The in-ground mount gives the most stable and protective option. However, this installation needs the tables to be in their place before you pour a concrete pad.

Surface Mount

If the spot where you would place the picnic tables has concrete already poured and set, a surface mount is a better option. Surface mounts are used for a broad range of tables offering different aesthetic looks while ensuring protection and stability against theft. Some tables are available with grout covers to cover the bolted down surface mount flange and enhance the overall appeal of the table.


If theft is not a problem and you don’t want to confine table to a single location, the portable option should be adopted. This option lets you move the table from one place to another. A concrete table is typically portable but it is heavy enough to locate. A metal table has limited portability while some of them can also be folded. So, it is another option you can consider in case if you are using light-weighted tables.

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