How to Finish the Wood of Your Wooden Outdoor Benches?

Wooden outdoor benches have to beat some big challenges to survive the outdoors. This post talks about these challenges and the ways to keep the finish of your wooden outdoor benches alive for a number of years to come. Outdoor benches, being exposed to outdoor elements, may require some extra care and maintenance.

The Challenges for Wooden Outdoor Benches

  • Materials

Most of the kinds of wood are biodegradable in nature, hence outdoor benches not developed from treated lumber will rot and may break down with speed. Even rot resistant or treated wood will not last for longer time.

  • Finish & Glue

Most of the standard outdoor furniture and wooden outdoor benches are made with interior finishes and glues that are ideal for climate-controlled buildings. When placed outside and exposed to varying temperature and moisture levels, that glue in joints loosens and the finish degrades. To bear these outdoor elements, the wood needs to be made with water-proof exterior finishes and glue.

  • Construction

Outdoor furniture is generally developed using strong construction, with thick joints and pieces that decrease the exposure of wood to the outdoor elements.

The Tips to Prolong the Finish

  • Select the Right Finish

The multiple coats of a high-quality exterior finish protect wooden outdoor benches form moisture as well as UV rays. It is best to use a quality exterior primer, layered with an exterior latex or some oil-based paint. If you want a natural wood feel, use various coats of exterior spar varnish containing added UV blockers.

  • Sand

Prior to painting, sand the wood surface to bare wood, so that primer adheres better to the wood.

  • Seal Completely

Don’t leave any wood unfinished. Seal its every part and fill all the cracks. Same goes for joints and the bottoms of the legs also.

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