Eco Friendly Plastic Park Benches

Park Benches.jpeg

A lot of environmentally conscious people link anything plastic with the environmental ills. Plastic is derived from petroleum, which often needs not so popular extraction techniques and chemical processes involved in the production process. In addition, plastic is not biodegradable easily and it remains as trash or in landfills for hundreds of years.

These are the reasons customers go for the products that are made from renewable resources. Plastic park benches may also become a concern for people who think that wood benches are eco-friendly. However, it must be noted that not all plastics are made equal and wooden park benches might be sustainable.

Choices for outdoor seating

Today we see that recycled park benches are available in many sizes, colors and shapes. While wooden benches continue to be widely selected, recycled plastic park benches are also rising in use. Selecting the material is based heavily on where these benches will be used. Park benches fixed in public locations are usually under heavy and rough use and expect to see harsh weather on frequent basis. Plastic makes a good choice in this situation.

Plastic Park benches

Plastic is heavily being used in manufacturing various kinds of outdoor furniture since last few decades. A rise in the amount of plastic that is being recycled, backed with advance technology, has made it easier to manufacture new products from this material. These are the plastics that might have been relegated to the landfill previously.

Recycled park benches fall into this class. Manufactured from post-consumer HDPE plastics such as milk jugs; one plastic park bench usually diverts 1600 one-gallon milk jugs from waste stream.

Plastic park benches are also high-quality stuff that provides enhanced durability and low maintenance requirement than wooden park benches. Wood may, with time, splinter, warp, rot and break. This doesn’t occur in case of recycled park benches.

String materials and fade resistant shades make plastic park benches practical choice and long lasting for long term use. You can easily clean them up with mild soapy water mixture. Even, bleach can also be applied on the plastic park benches without any risk of fading.

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