Woven Patio Furniture

Woven Patio Furniture (2).jpeg

Woven patio furniture, typically consists of resin and wicker made furniture, is one of the topmost choices for both domestic households and commercial businesses. Though woven patio furniture or resin wicker furniture is developed to withstand most of the weather conditions, it can still be a victim of wear and tear.

For instance, sitting on the chair in a wrong way can put certain strain on the parts that are not built to handle weight, and standing on them may also loosen the pieces potentially. In addition, if you have a pet, there is no limit to chewing damage they can cause to the woven patio furniture. However, have some tips to repair such damages.

  • Find out the extent of damages

Check the part of woven patio furniture carefully to determine is the frame and also wicker weaving is damaged. If there is no such damage, go to the following step. If there is a bending or scratch on the frame, then straighten it back into its place and repaint the damage area with some good quality outdoor furniture metallic paint that is of the original furniture color.

In case of rusting where the old paint has been faded or scratched away, it is quite significant that you remove it before hand, with the help of some wire brush and then sand this area before adding a new coat on the surface.

  • Clean the furniture

Glue will stick in the most excellent way to the material that is free from debris and dust; hence make sure to completely clean the woven furniture before you do any repair. Wash it with a garden hose to get rid of any loose or large bits. Then clean the whole piece with some gentle cleanser and a scrub brush. Wash it once again when you are done and let it be dried completely.

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