Loggia Design & Furniture

Brindisi, Portico dei Cavalieri Templari - Puglia - Italy

A loggia is the architectural feature that is covered exterior corridor or gallery generally on the upper level, or often ground level as well. The exterior wall is open to the elements, and supported by a series of arches or columns. Loggias can be located on the front side of the building too, where they are not for the entrance but as an outdoor sitting room. In modern outdoor furniture trends of today, loggia design and furniture are gaining immense popularity because of its appealing features and elegant cuts.

Loggia design and furniture originated in early Middle Ages in Italy, however, its rising popularity today implies the significance of look to be included in today’s contemporary furniture. In Italia architecture, a loggia usually takes the shape of a small, often ornate, summer house developed on the roof of a home to enjoy cool winds and view. Loggia design and furniture was immensely popular especially in 17th century and is prominent in Bolonga and Rome also. In this article, we will explore some interesting information about loggia design and furniture.

Whether it is polished, shuttered or even replica, a cheaper cost alternative for loggia furniture is concrete. It is one of the most commonly used materials for loggia designers and furniture makers. It is especially suitable for the industrial styles of loggia furniture. The pairing with polished concrete walls and floors adds much charm to loggia furniture.

Covered outdoor spaces enable you to enjoy summers. In addition, they also provide you the chance to set your design statement. However, you might no longer just looking for creating these spaces on the ground floor, but also on the first levels too, where covered loggias or balconies, leading off a master bedroom for example, are the happy and comfy indulges.

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