Finding the Right Square Dining Table


September 22, 2015

Dining tables represent a significant piece of furniture in any home or restaurant, as they certainly do not come cheap. People initially fall in love with the design of a dining table, but that initial love fades away while the table remains for better or worse, prompting people to want to buy another table. When searching for the next dining table, consider the shape of the table and how it conforms to the space around it. Regardless of indoor or outdoor furniture, it helps to know what table shape best fits the space, and how to make the most out of existing tables.

Square tables represent a modern, contemporary choice of dining tables that allows for those seated to interact and converse easier. However, while square tables may look elegant, they come with some downsides that can turn some people off to them. Of all table shapes, square tables tend to take up the most space. Sure all the people seated around the table can see each other. Unfortunately, the shape of the table means that some people may not see or hear people seated across the table very well. If multiple conversations take place, the exchange across the table may get lost. Shared dishes will also need to get passed a number of times before it lands in the hands of the person who wants the food.

Despite all these disadvantages, do not discount the addition of a square table to your dining area. With enough room, a square table can represent a stylish addition to a household and accommodate a large amount of people, typically over a dozen. Curved or comfortable chairs will help to ease the hard edges and corners of a square table. Furthermore, a round or smooth table centerpiece will take attention away from the table’s corners. Fabulous centerpieces include a bowl of fruit, a vase of flowers, or a round sculpture or statue.

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