Finding the Right Circular Dining Table

September 15, 2015

Dining tables represent a significant piece of furniture in any home or restaurant, as they certainly do not come cheap. People initially fall in love with the design of a dining table, but that initial love fades away while the table remains for better or worse, prompting people to want to buy another table. When searching for the next dining table, consider the shape of the table and how it conforms to the space around it. Regardless of indoor or outdoor furniture, it helps to know what table shape best fits the space, and how to make the most out of existing tables.

If you want a more intimate setup where family and friends can sit closer and converse easier, choose a circular table. With a circular table, everyone seated has an equal view and access to the others around the table, plus easy access to shared dishes at the center of the table. A box-shape table tends to drive a wedge between people because it has clearly defined sides, making people stand on one side while others stand on the other. A circular table encourages people to occupy all sides of that table.

When choosing a table based on how many seats you plan to have, take a look at the table’s diameter and its material. While results may vary, every 12 inches in the diameter typically seats one. For example, a table 48 inches across should comfortably seat four. If you intend to seat more than four, look for a table that runs over 60 inches in diameter. If the space cannot accommodate a table that large, consider obtaining a round table that can extend outwards to an oval shape when the need arises. The table’s material also makes a difference in the spacing. Tables made of wood or other non-translucent material give a cramped feeling to the room, albeit its physical size remains constant. Tabletops made of glass or translucent material gives a more open feeling to the room without compromising on space or function.

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