Finding the Right Oval Dining Table

Modern dining room interior

September 14, 2015

Dining tables represent a significant piece of furniture in any home or restaurant, as they certainly do not come cheap. People initially fall in love with the design of a dining table, but that initial love fades away while the table remains for better or worse, prompting people to want to buy another table. When searching for the next dining table, consider the shape of the table and how it conforms to the space around it. Regardless of indoor or outdoor furniture, it helps to know what table shape best fits the space, and how to make the most out of existing tables.

Oval tables say a lot with their shape, giving life and purpose to the dining setting. Whether alone, with family, or with guests, an oval table makes a great surface for any occasion. Most oval tables come with pedestal legs, which support the table from the center with legs that spread out. This prevents the legs from getting in the way of people’s legs, and also gives a good balance to the table. Most pedestal legs found in common hardware stores represent a traditional look and feel. However, nothing should stop you from looking for modern or sculptural table legs. Oval tables bear no sharp corners, which allows for last-minute accommodation of extra guests by simply adding a chair or two. Even better, an oval table can seat an odd amount of people, compared to box tables that need to seat an even amount.

Oval tables bring elegance and efficiency to small or narrow spaces. In small spaces where people will constantly pass through, the curved edges of the table allow for easier flow than a box table’s corners and lines. People will likely have an easier time navigating around this table if they did not have to think about avoiding the corners of the table. In these small spaces, small seats help to conserve space as well. Think of using a small bench of low stools that can slide under the table when not in use. Aesthetically, you want the chairs to match the table and its surroundings not only in color, but also in shape to give a more standardized look. Rounded chairs match well with the rounded table, and allow you to place objects with sharp corners elsewhere, such as wall decorations or table centerpieces.

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