Finding the Right Rectangular Dining Table

Wooden dining tables and chairs outdoors

September 11, 2015

Dining tables represent a significant piece of furniture in any home or restaurant, as they certainly do not come cheap. People initially fall in love with the design of a dining table, but that initial love fades away while the table remains for better or worse, prompting people to want to buy another table. When searching for the next dining table, consider the shape of the table and how it conforms to the space around it. Regardless of indoor or outdoor furniture, it helps to know what table shape best fits the space, and how to make the most out of existing tables.

A rectangular table represents the most traditional table shape that functions just as well in today’s modern setting. If a rectangular table fits into the space, go with a narrower table – for example, a table 28” wide still has room in the center of the table for shared dishes and ornaments like flowers, and brings people around the table closer. A wider table tends to feel too formal and impersonal, so having a narrow table with everyone closer together produces a warm and welcoming feeling.

A long and narrow table can not only seat a crowd, but also look more appealing because it flows well with the boxed shape of the room. If the table regularly seats many people, pick out chairs that look casual to eliminate the “boardroom” look. To get fancy, get a retractable table with ends that can extend or retract. This frees up vital space, and removes the hollow feeling of dining with empty chairs around. For a different feel, place the table near a window for natural sunlight that will attract people towards the table.

Rectangular tables come with other benefits too. The traditional shape of a rectangle allows it to fit into small spaces without consuming too much space yet can still accommodate four or more seats. To properly place a table in a small space, ensure at least three feet of space between the table and surrounding objects – more space gives a more open feel to the room. Some tables separate the legs from the tabletop surface. For tables like this, go for a sturdy set of legs that can endure the swapping of tabletops.

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