Portable Dining Tables For Your Outdoor Patio

Closeup horizontal photo of outdoor furniture on open cedar patio with seasonal trees in full bloom in background

A dining table comes with multiple purposes. In addition to a gathering spot for your friends & family, it also represents a focal point of the home. You should never skimp on the price and quality of your dining table, especially tables that will go to an outdoor patio. Auspicious dining tables bear strength, can seat many people, and fit in to most spaces. As a hefty investment, spend a good amount of effort when searching for the perfect dining table for your home and aesthetic style. Potential buyers should identify upwards of a dozen aspects of a table prior to committing to purchasing it.

First off, a dining table must hold itself up. A sturdy table should last through years of wear & tear, and a hardwood table fits that bill perfectly. However, glass-top tables function just as well for a table, and it matches many décor themes. Its reflective surface also provides a minor source of light. If on a budget, consider a preowned table. A weathered wood table has already withstood the test of time, so any color fading or nicks in the wood add a more antique feel. If you have a little extra to spend, look for a table to impress by looking at marble tabletops. If you plan to move soon and intend to take your table with you, look for an easily transportable table. Some tables may even fold up to allow for extra portability. Plywood, a light & durable material, can store flat and assemble easily at home.

Appearance means a lot when looking for a table. Look for table shapes that function in any space. Round tables not only fit in well in rectangular spaces, but also offer flexible seating arrangements. For extra flair, consider an oval table or other odd shapes. Color means a lot, but beware of colors susceptible to trend changes. Stick with safe colors, like white, brown, or green. Specifically, black tables can match virtually any décor, so where possible, look for a black tabletop. If faced with limited color choices, a classic country table works great. A country-style dining table works best for large families or for people who regularly entertain. Lastly, go for a retro look. Anything retro has the potential to last for generations.

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