The Refectory Table Style

Refectory Table Example This historical style of table was a favorite among those who wanted an air of sanctity about their areas. Today it has really fallen off but can bring that same sacred style to a garden setting or other area. You may want to invest in this classic style for your new outdoor patio table.

But first what is a refectory table? In short it is a massive and very long table that you see in many of your favorite shows. If you have ever watched the thrilling medieval drama Game of Thrones then you have seen at least one refectory table. They vary between the same sizes as a long office table that people have meetings around to massive models that can fill up an entire hall. It has and always will be the best possible piece for a major dining event that has dozens of dishes.

More than that it’s just really charming and fun to have a table like this if you have space. It lets everyone sit comfortably with a huge amount of space. It’s unlikely that one guest will spill anything on another or be fighting over a dish. It makes you feel like you are a King or Queen when you sit at the head or a foot. If you wanted to go for a cheesy but really fun party this could be your centerpiece in a fantasy or medieval party. All you would need is some giant legs of meat to complete the picture. Those who don’t see the appeal of this should maybe lighten up.

Many such pieces are no longer thought of like this and only the very wealthy use them as an outdoor patio table. They do in fact need a lot of care like any piece of wood furniture but they aren’t any harder to protect from the elements than any other wood outdoor furniture. You just need to clean, protect and seal it as usual.

So what is the drawback of such a table? There are a few. The first of which is the sheer cost of such a piece. With such a massive and durable piece it is going to cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on the model. You will also have to maintain it well with various craft work or an elaborate overhead shelter. Being so heavy means that it is not something that you want to have to move. You can get a less expensive office table style one, but what is the point in that? You buy this to impress people, not to save money.

Finally the last reason to get one is it can give you a sense of pride in your home. Even if you sell it the table is an incredible showpiece. It may even add to the overall value of your house in the long run if you are into improving the value. You should decide for yourself if you think this style is a cool choice for your home.




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