The Gateleg Table Style

Gateleg TableMany people who own a gateleg outdoor patio table or even indoor table don’t realize that is the name. It was first introduced in the 16th century and has remained in the background of design all this time. You can probably find a few in the homes of neighbors and just never noticed. Would this style work for you? We think so as it has some distinct advantages.

So what is a gateleg style table? The most common one in the modern day is a multi-piece table with multiple legs in the middle and side legs that aren’t as expansive. Many of them are also sectional and can have parts detached in order to push them around. There are stretchers between the legs that create a gate style which makes it extremely durable.

The most common style is the one that has hinges that can fold in or out without detaching. This means that it can fold without having to take it apart like other sectional furniture. This is great for those who are just tired of having to put everything together and take it apart again every time they want to use it.

Durability is the main selling point of this outdoor furniture style. You can pretty much put anything on a table like this and it is so sturdy that it will hold it up easily. This makes it great for parties where you need a large amount of heavy food containers to be set up. It works great as a buffet table for that purpose in particular.

Another selling point is that they really aren’t popular or well known in the modern day. You might find more of them in England and nearby regions. There is a variant that is also not popular in the modern day known as the spiderleg table. It has basically the same style with a different layout to the legs.

The style of having many legs makes this a great choice for your outdoor patio table. This is because it has a ton of legroom under the table itself. So many people can pull up a seat at it while still stretching out and not hitting each other. It’s an expansive table that can work as a great conversation piece. Due to it falling in popularity it is also a one-of-a-kind piece in many neighborhoods.

The major drawback of the gateleg table is the fact that you need to treat, clean and protect it thoroughly. Many models are of an older cut and are not treated against the elements. This is why it is used so often inside but rarely outside. However it is quite possible to clean, seal and protect these pieces for a long time. It works as an incredible showpiece that says “I care about my furniture” and on some level, also about your guests. If you are up  to the work then this may turn out to be the perfect piece to center your outdoor area around.


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