Table Superstitions

Multiple Superstitions at OnceThe world has a wide variety of superstitions relating to your outdoor patio table placement. These vary from small ones like the ones popular in the United Kingdom and Continental United States. This article is about some of these to give you an idea on how to place things in your next project.

The first and perhaps most important one is Feng Shui. This has been a part of Asiatic religions that said that you need to actually set up your outdoor patio table and other pieces in a certain order. For example you need to align them along the north, south, east and west in order to protect against different spirits that can change your health. They can even make you really sick. Conversely there are also good spirits that can help you.

So if you want you should place say, a table to the north, a sofa to the south and a hammock on the east. They should form four points to ward out evil. Does it matter which you place where? Depending on who you as it may or may not. Should you put any stock in this? Perhaps not but it should give you some decent decorating ideas.

A major British superstition is actually rooted in fact. Putting your shoes on the table is bad luck. At the time this one would have come around people would have had some incredibly dirty shoes and feet, if they had shoes at all. Putting them on the table would have further spread germs in a time that was already very filthy. Putting your shoes on what equaled outdoor furniture then would probably led to some sickness for friends or family. To this day it’s not a great idea to put them up on the furniture, much less anywhere you might eat later on. The superstition has some very real practical applications. Plus you can scuff your pieces if you do.

The Russian superstition that you should not put a bottle or glass back on the table if it is empty is also somewhat rooted in fact. Their love of drinking is legendary and if you decided to put it back you may try to pour some out from a fresh one. This, needless to say, can lead to serious spillage if you are drinking quite a bit which is a terrible waste. Even to this day you can ruin your outdoor patio furniture this way if you happen to have a bit too much fun and spill some.

So what can you learn from these? Many of them have facts behind them and good advice that you can take to heart. Wisdom is something you gain over time but you can also learn it from the mistakes of others. It would probably be a good idea to maintain the high quality of your own outdoor patio tables from these tips that doubtless came from people who ruined theirs many, many years ago in a land far away.


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