Positioning your Table at a Party

Party TablePositioning your outdoor patio table can get a bit confusing when throwing a party. There are a variety of things to consider from who your guests are to what type of party it is. Even the smallest differences in where you put it can make a big difference in the mood of the party. So we’re going to give you some basic tips on how to put everything together for your next big soiree.

The unfortunate truth is that there is no perfect way to position it. You need to take into several factors in before you decide on where to put it. Let us go down each one in-depth so you can make the best decisions:

Guests are the first and biggest thing to consider when crafting your exciting setting. You should get an outdoor patio table that works for them. If you have a rich setting go with a modern style or an exquisitely crafted cut of wood. At least have a designer table. Position it in a prominent area that they can all check out. If you don’t want the table to be the centerpiece or the guests don’t care about it then put it off to the side. Let another piece of furniture take center stage. Be sure to get feedback from them after or even during the party. Many of them will help you decide.

The Type of Party is another huge part of where you should position it. If it’s a big buffet bash then you will likely need a large sturdy table near the center or on the side that people can easily get to. This works well for charity parties and similar events. The placement here is very important for outside restaurant furniture.

Your Outdoor Setting itself is also very important to consider. If you have a pool, hammock or large table for dining you need to take them all into account. For example if you have a buffet and another dining area then you need to separate them but put them parallel. Make sure that your guests can easily reach everything they need.

You could also place it around a central area that you want your guests to converse and interact in. A coffee table is perfect for this, situated in the middle so that you can sip and relax while reflecting on the day. This is something that many people set up without even realizing how useful it is.

Add your own flair in placement as well. You may even have an overhang or other placement. Maybe you have a balcony with a great view. The surrounding area is perfect for setting up any of these. Be sure to use the natural beauty of your area and the work you have already done to accentuate the placement. In decorating synergy is incredibly vital because it improves your setting as a whole when everything is done right. Hopefully all of these give you some ideas for your future projects so keep them in mind and good luck with the decorating all around.


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