The Advantages of Console Tables

Outdoor Console TableConsole tables have many advantages for an outdoor living area. While they used to be strictly used indoors they are rapidly gaining popularity outside as well. You can expect them to get more popular over time. This particular style comes with some interesting advantages and drawbacks as well. We’re going to go over these in depth for you so that you can figure out whether it’s the right choice for you.

So what is a console table? In general terms it is a table that is fixed to a wall. For obvious reasons this has long been a staple of indoor furniture. People liked having the stability of being attached to a wall which allowed you to put practically anything you wanted on it. Of course it’s slowly gaining traction outdoors as well.

How does a console table work outdoors? The same way it works indoors. You attach it to a wall or other sturdy part of your setting. Then you set whatever you want on it. The obvious advantage of this is it can serve as the base for other pieces of your setting and even other tables. It does somewhat limit where you can place it though as with any other console setting.

The obvious drawback to this is once it is affixed separating it from the wall can be a hell of a chore for you. Prying it off can cause damage to the overall setting and is something that you definitely want to avoid overall. You may need to call in a professional for such work in that case. It’s better than trying to do it yourself and damaging the whole thing.

You should also keep in mind that such a table has the drawback of being impossible to move normally. This is both a benefit and a drawback for an outdoor patio table. You can use it to hang lighting, prop up statues and much more. The chances of it breaking off from normal use or even serious impact is very unlikely because it is connected to the wall. Those are all good things you have to consider.

Another big drawback is that console tables suited for the outside are few and far between. Most manufacturers make them for the inside of the house and don’t treat them for harsh weather conditions. You cannot really expect to find one that works outside and is cost efficient. They also often don’t use the same materials for outdoor furniture either.

Many of these come with additional bonuses such as storage areas or even buffet tables. The high end models are stacked with features all over. They also need a similar high level of maintenance to keep everything in great shape and make sure it works for you. These work great for outside restaurant furniture and party planners because they can be used as serving tables in order to give an even more distinguished appearance. Just be sure to use it to your best advantage if you run a business like this.





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