Outdoor Flaming Tables

Outdoor Flaming Table The fire pit is something that our ancestors used to great effect. Even simple campfires were quite useful. For that reason there is something in the soul of every human being that likes watching the simple beauty of a fire. Not to mention the sheer comfort it can provide for you when the weather gets really nasty. The modern twist to this are tables with built in fire pits that literally let you sit around them and warm up. Of course such a trend is not without risks so we want to go over the good side and the bad side with you today.

The benefits of having a table with this built in are numerous. Not only can you absolutely amaze friends with your cool setup but you can take your party outside in some of the worst weather, with minimal shelter to keep yourself safe. Overall there are tons of good reasons to have a table like this. A few even allow you to cook using the fire.

There are many different types of this. Some of them use propane and artificial logs in the middle to simulate a fire. This is quite a bit safer than usual and will still probably look great. However the downside to that is that it is often quite expensive. Other ones also have settings where you simply put wood or charcoal into your outdoor patio table and light it. These cost less but not by so much that it should be a huge factor. You can of course make one yourself but unless you understand how to protect the rest of the furniture from fire that might not be a good idea. If you serve an older crowd it can also be a handy piece of restaurant patio furniture and many of the more modern establishments have this.

The obvious downside is that a flaming outdoor patio table can be a serious health risk. If things get out of hand it could set part or all of your house on fire in short order. It’s also quite dangerous for children and pets if they are not kept away from it. The last thing anyone wants is to have to take a loved one to the hospital with severe burns.

In the same area your outdoor patio table is a risk to other pieces in the area. If you have highly flammable coverings on some of your other furniture or pieces that could light up easily this might not be the best choice. You want to make sure that none of these things is a factor after buying one.

If you do decide to make your own be very careful. Most of the ones that you find will have fire resistant materials in their construction. Most of the time someone will have gone to painstaking effort to make sure that the rest of the table does not catch on fire while you are using it. You need to use similar materials or treat them in a way to make sure that they are fire resistant.

Weigh the rewards with the risks and decide whether this style of table is perfect for your next party.

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