The Patio Pool Table Design

Outdoor Lighted Pool TableHaving a pool table on your patio is something many men want. It can be an awesome choice but also comes with a lot of responsibility. Indeed this setup is not suitable for many arrangements that you might set your outdoor living area in.

The first thing to ask is whether your outdoor living area is suitable. For a normal table the answer is almost definitely a no. A standard setup cannot absorb even normal moisture that might come from a light rainstorm. It will grow mold and eventually break apart over time into various pieces. If you have a shelter over the top then it might work but some rain could get in. If you are using a normal setup then you need an enclosed area, preferably glass or a waterproof tent over it. Moisture can still creep in and damage the setup here though.

On the upside in the modern day there is a cottage industry that has formed over durable tables that can work at the poolside or in heavy weather. They’re made from rain resistant or even rainproof materials that can withstand even severe weather over time. There are many sites that sell these along with other pieces you might need to keep everything looking really good.

They also aren’t terribly expensive, at least compared to some furniture pieces. However if you get one of these you should also get balls and other items that fit with it as well. They make these too and they all work very well with the outdoor furniture setup. You will of course pay extra but if you weren’t expecting that then you probably don’t want this to begin with.

That being said you should probably bring it in during extreme weather such as heavy show or blistering rainstorms. Debris floating around can get mixed in with the severe weather and cause damage to the upper part of the table. This can mean expensive repairs or even brutal damage that is not worth fixing if you don’t protect it against this.

For those who really want things to get crazy they actually make outdoor pool tables that float. That’s right, water resistant tables that float. Of course the price for these runs into the thousands of dollars so it may be a bit much for you. However if you are someone with money to burn then this can be a great choice. At the very least it will be unlikely that anyone else will have the same setting as you. This can also be a major draw for those looking for outside restaurant furniture.

If you’ve decided that this is for you then you just need to decide on the style. You can get pool tables in basically any one you want. It may even be harder to decide which one to get than to decide to actually get one in the first place. Weigh the cost of each one as well and decide which one is best for you. Once you find it you can be having fun outside in no time flat.


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