Guarding your Outdoor Patio Tables against the Worst Scenarios

Dangerous Scented CandlesThis article on outdoor patio tables is going to take a decided turn for the ridiculous. Why? Because life can be nonsensical at times and you want to try to protect against that. Today we want to talk about the worst happening to your furniture. So hold on for this one as it’s going to get pretty weird.

Decorative candle, or fiery storm of death? Candles can look great on your table. They can also get knocked over and set them on fire. If you are going to use decorative candles try not to set them up so they can be knocked over or fall onto anything very flammable. It sounds ridiculous but many parties have been ruined by an unexpected tipping.

Theft is another terrible thing that can happen to your outdoor patio furniture. For most people you will never have to worry about this problem. There really isn’t anything you can do after it happens either as it’s not hard to transport furniture like this. Basically all you can really do is make small efforts. Set up a neighborhood watch in your area to make sure no one takes things.

Another very common but very hazardous scenario is a child going wild with a crayon or, even worse, getting into some paint you have lying around. You can come back to find your table absolutely ruined. There are fortunately many ways to strip the paint. However depending on the table and finish you may end up stripping more than you wanted to in the long run. You should be very careful when handling this as you could do even more damage to an already badly damaged setup.

The one thing you can’t really protect from is the completely unexpected. If a guest gets really angry and shatters your table with a blow there is really very little you can do. If your teenage kid drives your car into your patio there is also little you can do. In this case it’s just going to get absolutely destroyed and you’ll just have to accept that and move on. There is however one way to redeem the value: insurance. Whether you are a renter or an owner you should have some sort of insurance and keep careful stock of all your more expensive pieces. It can be the difference between losing and keeping hundreds or even thousands of dollars in some scenarios.

This same scenario happens when things break for no discernable reason. Glass tabletops sometimes just shatter without warning and are designed to do so in order to not injure everyone. All you can do there is check your insurance and not let it bother you too much mentally. Save the stress for more important things.

Hopefully you won’t have to deal with most of these but you should keep them in mind. You never know what life is going to throw at you next. So be sure to take your own special precautions for keeping things in order.



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