Setting up a Pet-safe Table Situation

Dog on TablePets can be wonderful partners or even family members. However they can also put a lot of wear on your outdoor patio tables. Sometimes they can even put some wear on your decorations on the top as well. There are ways to cut down on this which will help keep you and the pet happy. You can enjoy your loving pet and still keep your furniture decent.

One thing that many people do not think about and should, is that many pets love to get on tables. We’ll talk a little bit about training at the end but let us talk about keeping the table safe. A tablecloth can go a long way to both protecting the table and dissuading a climb. The downside is that larger pets may literally be able to pull everything off with their jaws. Some poorly behaved dogs will do this. Having a frame or upswing to the table can dissuade some pets, but not all. There is a solution but it’s not found in the structure of your furnishings.

You should also get sturdy tables that won’t break under then in a worst case scenario. The same goes for the legs which should at least be scratch-resistant. You may have some flimsy high fashion pieces but if you want those then you will have to drop the pets. You can have it one way or the other but not both.

So what is the final and strongest line of protection for your outdoor patio tables? Training your pets properly. This can be somewhere from easy (many dogs) to quite difficult (many cats). Of course those are just general principles and a skilled trainer can fix the behavior of any animal. However most of us do not want to pay for a professional trainer. In that case we may have to train the pet ourselves. So what are some things you can do? Here are a few:

  • Reward your pet for not getting up on the table or taking food from there. Make sure it receives some sort of punishment for stealing food.
  • If you suspect it is sneaking up and grabbing things on the side then make sure it knows not to do that as well.
  • Be consistent with your punishment. A pet that you are not consistent with will not understand that you are even punishing it.
  • Do not leave troublesome pets unsupervised with the furniture until they’ve been properly trained.

Follow these rules and you can probably save yourself a lot of trouble with your outdoor patio tables.

One thing that you won’t see very often is a pet having an “accident” on your outdoor furniture. With the exception of some especially malicious animals they don’t usually do anything like that. There is however a chance that a pet could have an upset stomach from taking some food. There is little to be done there but cleaning it up. So follow these simple tips and you can keep your tables clean.

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