Decorating your Outdoor Patio Tables for Winter Holidays

Holiday Outdoor TableSo you’ve finally picked out your favorite outdoor patio table. Now you need to decorate it for every occasion. The ones in particular we will be going over are the holidays around the start of the year. There are a great many of these from Christmas to the Chinese New Year. All of these require a different setup that you want to take into account. However there are some useful general concepts that we also want to discuss with you today as well.

The first thing to consider is how your particular holiday works. Depending on your particular area you have to consider colors and patterns. Christmas is popular but do you want to be religious about it or go with a Santa-themed look? Perhaps some of your relatives are Jewish or celebrate Kwanzaa. All of these are very important considerations when decorating your outdoor furniture.

The next question is whether the elements will come into play. While most people just want to do indoor parties at this time it is often very nice to have one that is outside for a bit. Make sure to check the weather regularly and have some coverings just in case something comes out of nowhere. You never know when a freak snowstorm could come up.

If you have people of many faiths and belief systems you may have some trouble deciding on the decorations for your outdoor patio tables. In this case it’s best to go with things that are neutral. A dash of red, green, blue or white ribbon. A decorated pine cone setting or other such neutral decoration. In essence you want to give the people a feeling that it is winter more than the holiday. This is to avoid offending anyone who has strong sensibilities about one belief system or another.

So once you have narrowed down those things you can actually get to decorating. There are many things that fit well in the middle of tables and look very nice all at once. Here are a few things you can use:

  • Miniature trees and model homes. You can even create a small village if you have enough space on one of your tables. It can really give people something to look at.
  • Ribbons are a great decoration for any setting like this. They can be hung easily and don’t get in the way when the family is eating. Lights are not a great choice because they can get in the way.
  • Themed tablecloths and plate ware are also a very nice touch. You can find these at most any place that sells them. It’s an easy way to spruce it up.
  • Spray on snow can be a cool addition if you have the right place to use it. Just make sure you don’t spray it on anything that it might ruin over time.

Other than that you should use your own judgment. Go with colors and styles that really tell your guests that it’s time to celebrate the holidays.

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