Tacky or Charming Logo Dining Tables

Made in America LogoLogos on furniture have always been around. However lately we are seeing stores put them on their furniture. Some find them tacky and others find them charming. Today we want to explore the ways in which you might decide to use these over time.

So what are these in particular? Let us take a look at one outdoor patio type with a logo: the restaurant table. Today we will use American Roadside Burgers as an example. They have “Made in USA” stamped on many of their tables and even on some of their windows. In many ways this is a decent choice for a family restaurant. However they are not specifically a family restaurant and they often play host to teens and older people on lunch breaks. This may not be the best choice for them.

However if you are a family establishment logos on your furniture actually can be a great choices. They give a homey atmosphere to the area. Sports bars are also a place where these fit. They can be placed nearly everywhere including in your booths. When people go to an establishment like either of these they aren’t looking for high style or beauty. They want a good time and a cheesy logo can help give them that by making them laugh just a bit.

However logos rarely fit on your outdoor furniture nor in your house. They will often look quite out of place in various areas of your home. That being said they can work in a few areas:

If you have a barbecue area with an outdoor TV so you can cheer for your favorite team they may be a good choice. People are focusing on the team and having the logo of the aforementioned team can help get their head in the game even more. You may find that on some level it helps your guests enjoy the party that much more.

The price point can vary widely depending on what you are buying and for which team. Obviously more popular teams have higher demand and the price can go up. If you’re just buying some sort of table or seat cover it will never be terribly expensive so don’t worry too much about that.

This can also be a useful way of branding your patio for a business. You want to be sparing with them though as if you put them up too many places your customers will simply grow tired and frustrated with them. You never want that to happen of course.

Logos may also be unnecessary if you are doing a traditional restaurant. A piece can look as good with one as without. You should get feedback from the customers themselves as well.

So keep these steps in mind when deciding on whether to add some or not to your setup. They can make a homey place feel better and a High-class place feel a bit cheesy. It’s up to you to use them to their best effect.


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