The Advantages of Frosted Acrylic

Frosted AcrylicWhen most people think of frosting they think of cake or even hair. But frosted acrylic can be a good choice for your outdoor patio tables and other items. While not heavily used it can give a very interesting accent to any piece. We want to discuss the various facets of this with you today.

But first what is frosted acrylic? The most common form of it is an acrylate polymer mixed with some plastics in order to create a flexible but nearly clear sheet. This means the substance can bend with minor impact and is not terribly uncomfortable to sit on with a bit of cushioning. Acrylic has been used for years in order to make things flexible but still somewhat sturdy. Now it’s being used to give furniture a beautiful look. This look is especially impressive for restaurant patio furniture.

The most common use of this material in outdoor patio tables and other pieces is as an outer coating. This gives it a beautiful sheen that can bend and refract light. Some pieces are even made entirely out of this substance and may have lights inside of them. This allows them to double as a light source as well as a normal decorative piece.

The application of this is quite obvious: you can use it at an outdoor night party. The combination of being nearly clear and transferring light well gives it a beautiful sheen for such a party. It also really stands out because rarely does anyone have a piece of furniture that does this naturally.

So what about durability? While highly resistant to minor damage it can be bent or broken with sufficient force. While it can stand up to the elements well it needs to be cleaned regularly as dirt really stands out on outdoor patio tables like this one. Many of the higher end models come with built-in lighting devices. You will obviously need to store these somewhere when you are not using them.

The only thing you shouldn’t use this for is a day-to-day piece. It’s more than you need really. Combine that with the fact that many of them have built in features that can short out in weather and you should store this. They can also be a large investment for the more expensive models in the various sets. This is something for those who want to drop some money to impress a wide variety of guests at a party.

A few of the highest end pieces take it a further step, they are literally see-through. As in you can lift one of them up and see through to the other side. These create an absolutely amazing effect when light shines through one end to the other. It also simply stands out for looking so different from anything on the market.

So if you want an outdoor patio table that will give people pause then get one of these. The unique style is not a trend yet but may become one later. Get in on it early to impress people.

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