Choosing Utensils for your Outdoor Dining Table

Stainless Steel Fork and SpoonWe talk quite a bit about buying an outdoor dining table itself. Something equally important is how you decorate it and what utensils you provide your guests. We want to give you a few pro tips on how to best set up your next evening dinner party.

Before you even begin decorating you need to choose the basics. Do you want to have a tablecloth? Do your seats need cushions? Will you be having a candlelit affair or an evening with a tent? Is there going to be a pool there? All of these questions will help you plan for what you need over time.

Next consider your budget and what you already have. You may end up having to go with plastic utensils if money is tight. This is especially useful for a charity gathering where the main goal is to get more money for your cause over time. However if you have fine silverware already be sure to bring it out. You may want to spend more when planning for outside restaurant furniture.

Try to buy your plates and silverware at a discount if possible. Thrift stores and online sales places often have great deals that also look amazing. These will pair nicely with your outdoor dining table setup. Of course if you have the money to buy extravagant pieces at full price that should work as well. But if you have the money to buy whatever pieces you want then you could just hire a professional decorator.

Your theme is the next area to look at. Do the pieces you are buying work with your theme? If you have a vintage outdoor dining table look for some pieces that have an older feel to them. With a modern style you may want to go with unique or modern utensils.

All of this advice applies equally to other pieces. Be sure to apply the same principles when buying your drinking glasses, candle holders and everything else. All in all buying decorative pieces like this goes by much of the same process. If you can find a full set that has everything you need in it then you may just want to go with that. It can save you a lot of trouble over time.

Do not be afraid to take risks with interesting setups in order to impress people. Just being unique is enough to impress many people regardless of how the overall setup ends up looking. Of course you do also want to keep it looking great with your sense of style.

If you want to try something out of the ordinary try craft paper for the place mats. Not only can it come in any size you could possibly need but it often comes with pre-made designs. This can really save you a lot of time and headaches in the long run. They can also be replaced fairly easily after the inevitable spills happen on them at some point during the night.

If you follow these simple rules you can get an excellent setup at a low cost.

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