Tempered Glass and Patio Tables

Shattered Tempered Glass Patio TableTempered Glass is an important part of many patio tables. It gives a sleek look that makes your entire setup look more modern. However there are some special concerns for maintaining such a setup that you should take into account. This particular type of outdoor furniture needs special care beyond what most people normally give them.

The first thing to realize is that tempered glass can sometimes explode. Is this kind of scary? On one level. But it’s actually designed to explode in certain circumstances. Why? Because tempered glass breaks into smaller fragments when it breaks in a big way. This makes it harder to cut yourself on due to large, jagged shards. In fact people are rarely actually injured by tempered glass. Conversely normal glass can cause serious and sometimes life-threatening cuts.

So how do you keep it from exploding? With exceptional care. Make sure that you do not keep your tempered glass outdoor furniture in an area that is ridiculously hot or cold. While glass handles these well over time this can lead to severe damage or even a complete breakdown.

Unless your area is insanely hot though you won’t have to worry too much about the heat causing damage. It can withstand heat similar to that of a microwave oven so you can keep it nearly anywhere. In very hot regions you may want to get a bit of shade on it though.

It also resists quite a bit of pressure and damage. In fact even when broken it rarely falls into shards. Normal glass can cut someone to pieces quite literally due to how the fragments break up into razor-sharp pieces. Tempered glass is therefore much safer for families and is very suitable for your Outdoor Patio Tables and other pieces.

So what causes these breaks? Usually something damages the sides of the glass that connect it to the outside. Such damage can cause serious cracks. Unfortunately due to the nature of the glass these harmless cracks can spread through the entire structure. While it is no danger to you it can completely ruin the look of the table. If the ends of a piece are even slightly damaged this can happen which is the major disadvantage.

Another big advantage of tempered glass is that it does not look bad at all. These pieces are often extremely beautiful when used with outdoor furniture. This helps you create a better overall look for your entire setup. That is the main reason to use them over plastic and similar pieces that can ruin the look.

However these scratch quite a bit easier than normal pieces. Even more easily than normal glass. You need to wash them very carefully with soft cloths. Any small imperfection can be extremely hard to repair due to the glass. When cleaning use extreme care and a soft hand to get pieces off. Use solutions that are glass-safe to get off hard stains. If done probably it will look beautiful for many years.


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