Buying or Creating your own Cooler Patio Table

Patio Table with CoolerEveryone wants to have a very cool gadget to wow their friends with. A cooler is also a very important part of any outdoor party. So why not combine both of them with a built-in cooler table? Today we want to discuss the types you can buy or even create yourself to help everyone chill at your next party.

By far the most popular version of the Outdoor Patio Table with a cooler is one you make yourself. In order to create one you’ll need a table with an indentation in the middle. You then need to cut a container in the middle large enough to hold quite a bit of ice. You may want to make this out of metal in order to hold in the cold. The most popular arrangement people seem to make is one with a metal interior with a wooden table.

Once you have it set up all you have to do is fill it with ice and voila, your own cooler table. Of course you should put regular ice in it as dry ice can get a bit complicated.

But what if you just want to buy a pre-made Outdoor Patio Table with a cooler of some sort? There are many ways to do this. The easiest is to simply buy a mini-fridge or other cooling device and attach it to a pre-built table. While this is certainly easy and will save you a lot of time and effort it can be seen as lazy by some people.

Of course you can also pay for a custom craftsman to create a table for you. This has a certain level of prestige to it as well. Your guests probably won’t be able to tell the difference. Of course such a setup can have other problems. You may end up with the same “custom” Outdoor Furniture as someone else. Or you may be unable to explain how you came across such a useful item.

There are also tables with built-in coolers that fold out. For example there is one that is basically a cooler in and of itself with a special top that folds up to put your drinks on. This combination can be quite useful overall.

If you run a high-class restaurant then a piece like this is essential. Even if you only serve a few wines or import beers it can greatly enhance the image of your outdoor area all around. While appearance is an intangible quality it is obvious that the better you look the more your customers enjoy themselves.

Be sure to take things into consideration when choosing which one you want. A cooler can lead to increased moisture in the area but that shouldn’t be a problem if you chose durable furniture already. Also factor in the additional cost of building it and keeping it supplied with ice and dreams. This is an extravagant project for those who really want to show off. Keep that in mind when choosing yours.





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