Preparing your Outdoor Furniture for Fall Weather

Fall WeatherFall weather can absolutely ruin some of your outdoor furniture. Other pieces may simply have some loss of color or depth of texture throughout. Either way it can really put a damper on your newly bought pieces. So we wanted to give you some tips in order to keep it looking great.

The first place to start is when you are first buying the products. You should look for furniture that weathers the weather well. This can mean anything from Teak to Stainless Steel and even Cast-iron. All of these can hold up well over nearly any conditions. If you can buy a piece like these you can expect to have a less troublesome time.

However sometimes you have gotten something that molds quickly. Various cushioned outdoor furniture pieces can grow this mold very quickly at times. You may have to take special precautions with these.

Covers are always an excellent choice for any piece you could use. Make sure that they are heavily rain resistant. Cover all your pieces up when they are not in use and you can expect to have them last for quite some time.  Unfortunately this does not protect against all types of weather.

So what if the worst happens or you live in an area that regularly has extreme weather? Covers will do little to protect against flooding or even snow. You will need some sort of shelter for your pieces.

A traditional gazebo does little to protect your outdoor furniture. While it might help some it won’t protect the pieces from the harshest weather which will likely come that way. You need a more significant shelter such as a shed.

However when choosing the best shed to shelter your outdoor furniture you want to be careful. Make sure that it has no leaks or other problems that would let the extreme conditions in. It only takes a bit to ruin an excellent piece for good. Try to go with one that is pre-built unless you are an exceptional crafts-person.

However even the best laid plans may need to be changed. Your shelter can develop unexpected damage that piles up over time. It’s best to hire a professional for these and check regularly for signs of dampness or damage inside the structure. This can be especially dangerous for outside restaurant furniture.

Be sure to clean your pieces before you put them up as well. If you do not keep vital maintenance up then you’ve simply stored your piece to rust or mildew over time. That’s almost as good as not having stored it at all.

If you cannot afford any of these choose furniture that can work well both inside and outside. That way you can simply move it in or out as the fall weather picks up or falls off with time.

Of course if everything goes wrong you can always see if your pieces are under warranty or clean them yourself. Even damaged furniture may be salvageable. Follow these simple steps and you can ride out the fall weather in style.


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