Exploring Outdoor Furniture Placement Across the Ages

Feng Shui ExampleDecorating and placement has for ages upon ages been foremost on the minds of many people. In the old days it was strictly the predisposition of those wealthy enough to have time for it. Now as our standard of living has risen greatly over time the average person can afford to put some thought into it. We want to review some styles used throughout the ages so you can use this wisdom to your own advantage.

Let us start first with China. Feng Shui was used in many sittings and used a complicated set of rules on where to place each piece of outdoor furniture. You would place each one facing north, south, east or west depending on what you needed. Depending on whether you wanted fertility or serenity you would place things in a certain way.

This same practice was used with basic shamanism in the process of ley lines. You would place them symmetrically in order to take the best advantage of these. So once again many times they used a set piece of rules to place them.

In Europe throughout the Middle Ages outdoor furniture was placed to look towards the center. This is because many of the settings had enclosed courtyards. In many ways these were places where the nobility could get some piece of mind and safety.

This trend changed over time though. Many outdoor settings have each piece facing outwards in order to look at the surrounding environment. This was known as the landscape movement in Britain and became a big part of settings. Parks would have it overlooking lakes and other scenic features. If you have a fountain or pond then this might be the best choice for your placement. It really allows your guests to relax in the best and most comfortable manner possible must as you would on restaurant patio furniture.

In the modern day we have pleasure piers and royal parks. These tend to have sparse seating and other furniture. Unfortunately most of us do not have a full park in our backyard so this may not be the best choice for you. If you do somehow have a very large and scenic backyard then this may work for you quite well.

So what in the world can we learn from these very different methods of placing furniture? The main thing to learn is to choose a system that makes sense for you and your loved ones. Any of these can work extremely well as long as it fits with the aesthetic of your neighborhood. Also you should plan it around areas of natural beauty near your home. If you have a beautiful tree, pond or (unlikely) a natural fountain then plan it around those features.

That being said following one of these methods can save you hours agonizing over placement. Use one of these styles as a guideline in order to figure out how you want to place it. You may find that everything works out perfectly when you finally finish placing each piece around the house.


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