Combining Teak and Stainless Steel Pieces

Teak and Stainless Steel Outdoor Furniture ComboTeak and Stainless Steel are two excellent types of furniture for any patio setting. But how do you combine them to make your outdoor setup look amazing? We’ll be exploring that some in this article today.

One thing that both of these materials have in common is that they resist weather very well. Whether it is extreme dampness or blazing heat each of these can stand up to nearly anything Mother Nature can throw at it. They can fade a bit over time but for the most part they are extremely resilient.

Both of the materials also have something else in common, they are both extremely popular with many people. Everyone loves the look of each of these pieces.

As the pieces work so well as outdoor furniture they can also be used indoors and go well together. Wood and metal are natural complements to one another and have been used since ancient times to accentuate a look. This makes any setting you could create quite useful all over the house. However for some reason this combination was not used very much in America until recently. For some reason designers over here just were not into the aesthetic.

Resellers were also very hesitant to sell these beautiful pieces of outdoor furniture together as a set. Of course that has all changed in recent times as many resellers are putting the two together.

Another place where these two materials has come together is with outdoor kitchens. Many of the pieces of such an arrangement use Stainless Steel to great effect in their sinks and outdoor bar stools. They then use Teak as a softer and more welcoming compliment.

Of course you have to know what you are doing when placing these pieces as well. Teak gives a softer and homier look to any area. Where areas Stainless Steel gives the picture of strength and power. It reflects images around the area and really looks sleek over all. You want to keep the combination pretty even and make sure that one material does not overwhelm the other.

Also keep in mind that the sheen of Stainless Steel can be distracting at times. Be sure to put it out of the direct eye line of your guests if there is a sunny day. It is a great combo for outside lounge furniture.

You also have to figure out what works for your area. While this may be normal in one area this selection of outdoor furniture may be revolutionary in a different area. You need to decide what look you are going for in order to figure out whether this combination is right for you or not.

In the United States at least this pairing is becoming quite trendy. If that is something that you like about furniture then you should keep that in mind. It should be a growing trend for some time now. If you want to avoid the trend then you might go with a different piece. Whatever you decide you will want to use one of these materials.



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